Integrity: corruption and miss maintains in electricity sector

Wednesday 23rd January 2019 - 13:55

Integrity: corruption and miss maintains in electricity sector

Baghdad, INA

Detect survey team considers the prevention service integrity, today Wednesday 23/ 1/ 2019, on speculative collateralization cost accounting (148) address a textbook by the Ministerial Committee for this purpose is estimated (14687377467) billion dinars compared to price offers Provided by the private sector.

The team stressed in a report on his visits to the Karkh Resafe breeding directorates I and II and a number of schools belonging to them to verify information for distribution of curriculum, seen by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "it was a contract year. With a British companies in 2014, to write books and printed over six years starting in (2014 until 2020)”.)

The team added that, "the report pointed out the company committed irregularities in the sixth annual contract concluded to date (9/5/2018) for composing, printing and processing 24 address books of English method, for the current school year $ (27,756,875,490) billion dinars, the equivalent of ( 23482974, 19) million, as the company provided written and printed and books at a hyphen and the table to the Directorate of central warehouses with company expenses and fees, and that the processing time 120 days from the date of signing the contract, has been printing books And put them in Kirkuk governorate, contrary to the contract, as it always is after the start of the processing for the academic year.