MOFA: Iraqi calls for completing the electricity grid

Monday 21st January 2019 - 14:40

MOFA: Iraqi calls for completing the electricity grid


Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA stated that the country is moving to the prosperity and development as well as establishing mutual economics areas.

“Our countries are still facing challenges and important real-decisions must be taken to fight these challenges that face the Arab states,” said FM Muhammed Ali al-Hakeem in his proceeding during the Arab Economy Summit in Beirut.

He also asserted the importance of the Electrify Grid between the countries in the region.

 “We should move away from rent-creation and reduce depending on oil as the only source of the national budget as we need to create a variety of incomes and enhancing the private sector in addition to the real-productive sectors,” added al-Hakeem.

He focused on the objectives of the Sustainable Development 2030, adding “Thus, there must be an Arab effort to support executing the integrated projects. In addition to that, there must be an Integrated Arab Market for electricity,”