Deputy PM and US Central Command discuss improving Iraqi security forces

  • 17-01-2019, 12:52
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    Deputy PM of economic affairs; also the Minister of Finance; and the Commander of the US Central Command, Gen Joseph Votel discussed the means to improve the capabilities of the Iraqi Army and the security forces to maintain security in the country.

    This meeting was attended by the head of the PM office, the Commander of the Joint Operations Abdul Ameer Yarallah, head of the Deputy PM, U.S. Charge d'affaires in Baghdad and the Commander of the Coalition forces in Iraq and Syria.

    They discussed the continuity of the support and coordination between all the parties in order to end terrorism for good.

    “This meeting came after the joint efforts of the Iraqi forces and the US-Led Coalition that kicked out the so-called Daesh terrorist groups,” included a statement by the office of the Minister of Finance.