Abu Hail wins the creativity prize in the fourth annual Mawazine News poll

Thursday 10th January 2019 - 20:33

Abu Hail wins the creativity prize in the fourth annual Mawazine News poll


The head of the Iraqi media network, Mujahid Abu Al- Hail, won the prize for creativity in the fourth annual poll of Mawazin News, which was established to choose the best in Iraq in 2018.

The honouring of Abu Hail was the result of the leadership role he has played since he headed the Iraqi Media Network and to follow it with steady and careful steps to improve the level of its work by covering local, Arab and international events.

Abu Hail received the award during the ceremony held by the Mawazine News at the Palestine Hotel on the seventh of this month.

Abu al-Hill was born in al-Fohud district in Dhi Qar province In 1977, His father Abu Halil Badr al-Jabri, a professor, educator, activist and political opponent, was executed by the dictator in April 1981 after he was a leader in the movement. Islamic opposition, the child Mujahid on this legacy.He completed his studies travelling between the heritage of the Qum estate and the aspirations of the University of Isfahan, but he remained an Iraqi in his native language, becoming a poet referred to as the son of the outstanding talent. He became famous for his young age. He became known as one of the Iraqis.After the roll of Sadam Hussain , Mujahid Abu al-Hill returned to Baghdad to complete his studies in sociology, and holds a master's degree in it, and includes in the work of media ranging from the editing department of the Iraqi Network magazine to work in the radio of the Republic of Iraq to the post of head of the Iraqi media network.

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan