Chaldean Patriarch honors Abu Al- Hail

Wednesday 09th January 2019 - 14:52

Chaldean Patriarch honors Abu Al- Hail

Ina- Baghdad

His Eminence Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako; Chaldean Patriarch of Iraq and the World honored Mujahid Abu Al- Hail; Head of the Iraqi Media Network, for his various efforts in broadcasting the Mass and Christian celebrations; praising the leap in network quality performance. As Cardinal Sako received Abu Al- Hail at the Babylon Patriarchate on Wednesday; he hailed the big developments which took place in the IMN lately, during Mr. Abu Al- Hail’s Chairmanship; describing these as a qualitative leaps on all levels.

Cardinal Sako said: “the IMN proved during this year it is a network of a homeland ((big enough)) for all Iraqis”, praising the efforts of broadcasting the Mass and Christian celebrations, which he described as “different” this year, and for the first time.  

In the letter of thanks which he presented to Mr. Abu Al- Hail and all the IMN staff who contributed to this great media coverage: “to Mr. Mujahid Abu Al- Hail; head of the Iraqi Media Network: the beautiful media coverage the IMN did on Christmas and the New-year Celebrations of 2019 left a good mark on our hearts. In this letter we would like to express our thanks and appreciation for your national efforts, which we deem as an active contribution towards a unified Iraq, within all various spectra live harmoniously”. 


In turn, Abu Al- Hail expressed his deep happiness for this opportunity to meet His Eminence Cardinal Sako, and listen to his valuable directions, and great praise of the IMN broadcast and its qualitative transition in the national discourse, and specifically of the Christmas and the New-year Celebrations broadcast. He also notified the Cardinal of the IMN preparations to launch the Iraqi Syriac Channel; after the successful launch of the Kurdish and Turkmen Channels, to complete its national project in consolidating the social, national, and religious values of the Iraqi society.

At the end of the meeting the Cardinal presented the shield of excellence and creativity to the head of IMN, and letters of thanks to the staff, in appreciation of their professional and national efforts.