Presidential Statement: An Agreement to open new border crossings with Turkey

  • 3-01-2019, 15:03
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    A presidential statement was issued regarding the visit of President Barham Salih to Turkey that included the mutual talks regarding the situations of Syria.

    Salih asserted the importance of ending the struggles and empower the Syrians to make their own independent decisions, adding “The role of the two countries and in cooperation with the neighbouring countries to help in ending the struggles and providing peace and stability in Syria,”

    On his part, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that Turkey offered the full support to Iraq in terms of counter-terrorism and maintaining security and stability inside the country.

    “Turkey will put serious efforts to reconstruct Iraq on different levels,” said Erdoğan.

    Noting that, many ministers and highly ranked advisers from both countries have attended the session headed by the Iraqi and Turkish presidents.

    Both have agreed that Iraq and Turkey are the economic linking points between Europe and the Gulf. They also asserted the importance of the Turkish companies contribution in the investment projects around the country and the help it provides to rehabilitate the recaptured area.

    The two sides have made talks regarding the files of energy and transportation as well as the rehabilitation of the electricity stations in Iraq.

    They also have discussed the necessity to open a new border crossing to facilitate trade and economy procedures, to help the Iraqis residents in Turkey and to improve the tourism in Iraq.