Nahj Watanee Head block, offers 4 proposals to stop wasting money

Wednesday 02nd January 2019 - 11:44

Nahj Watanee Head block, offers 4 proposals to stop wasting money

Baghdad, INA

The Chairman of the national approach to block mp A’mmar To’ama, four proposals to halt what he called wasteful ministries of public money. And procedures are, according to a statement sent "sentient":

1. submit the final accounts for each financial year and discussed in detail by the committees of Parliament and with the aid of reports of the Office of financial supervision for the safety of Exchange and its purpose needs priorities customizations before subsequent budgets. 

2. to cancel all the gates announcement for citizens and service increases and multiplies the enormous officials and services privileges

3. most effective means of combating corruption and waste of public money to clarify global address in detail and its vocabulary and accurate, transparent sections to keep the House and Regulatory and public opinion on budget revenue and road expenditure resources facilitates monitoring and audit and accounting of abusers, how many disappear from the luxuries conspicuous Exchange resources and waste of public money in titles (other expenses, intermediate goods and services, and maintenance of assets) so Rel customization necessary and desired with luxuries customization which wastes and wasted away from authoritarian wishes need citizen

4. Need to discuss every parliamentary Committee with corresponding Ministry and under its terms all sectors of regulatory arbitrage and exact and detailed view on all customizations and address and verify its compatibility with the programs and objectives of the Ministry of citizens ' services and remove all superfluous allocation For non-basic needs or privileges and redeploy the necessary sections.