Mosawi: Iraqis should not listen to calls of breaking up

Tuesday 01st January 2019 - 11:53

Mosawi: Iraqis should not listen to calls of breaking up

INA- Baghdad

The Shiite Endowment Divan’s Head Alaa Mosawi congratulated today Iraqi people in general and Christians in particular on the occasion of the New Georgian Year 2019, calling the Christians not to listen to the sounds that look for making break ups among Iraqis.

Mosawi stated to INA that to celebrating the New Year occasion should be convenient to what Jesus Christ and his Holy Mother Virgin Mary brought to humanity, and beseech God to lift all agonies besides asking for mercy, security and peace spreading, referring that the celebration should be away from playing and absurd, and should not be done with religious cover.

Mosawi showed that some internal and external sides are trying to disrupt the religious speech by chopping them in order to defame the Islam and the Supreme Religious Shiite Reference, especially on the occasions of our Christian brothers.

Mosawi called Christians and other components’ individuals to be wise in all they hear, and don’t believe in what the tendentious sides spread of sayings and rumors in their attempt to ignite sedition among the Iraqi brotherly components from the first formation of Iraq.

(Translated by Baha Salaman, January the 1st, 2019)