Oil Ministry: High production capacity of dry gas to 950 cubic meters

  • 31-12-2018, 13:25
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     Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Oil announced that the production capacity of dry gas to 950 cubic meters.

    According to a statement by the Ministry of Oil received by the Iraqi News Agency the Director General of the South Gas Company, Hayyan Abdul Ghani, in a cable to the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Minister of Oil,The employees of the South Gas Company were able, thanks to national efforts sincere and continue to work throughout the day of investigation A significant increase in production rates by adding more than 100 cubic meters per day on production, which led to the increase of the capacity of processing quantities of gas feeder to the factories of the Gas Company of Basra to more than (950) million standard cubic feet per day.

    added that the company's plan aims to reach an investment of 1000 cubic feet per day during the first quarter of 2019. He pointed out that this increase and the optimal investment of gas associated with the oil operations were from a number of southern fields, Ben Omar field and gas treatment plant in the field of Majnoon and the field of Nasiriyah in the province of Dhi Qar.

     Jihad said:The increase in the quantities of dry gas invested will be employed to power plants, which contributes to reduce financial expenditures after the phasing out of the import of alternative fuel to operate these stations

    Translated by Harith.A.Hasan