President Salih meets the Vatican Secretary of State

Wednesday 26th December 2018 - 14:26

President Salih meets the Vatican Secretary of State

President Salih meets the Vatican Secretary of State

Ina- Baghdad


In a meeting with the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin; President Barham Salih stressed today on coexistence, tolerance and resisting extremism; to support peace, stability, and find lasting solutions to the crises in the region.

The Presidency Media Office said in a statement that Ina received a copy of; that President Salihsaid upon receiving Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the accompanying delegation: “the doctrines of our Islamic religion and the teachings of Christ impress upon us to give more efforts; to spare the region and the world futile conflicts and wars”. The President also stressed upon uniting efforts between referentials of different religions; to fight extremist thought, and isolate these aberrant groups, who do not reflect the beliefs and values of our heavenly messages and social norms.

He added: “Iraq is eager to build strong and advanced relations with all countries; based on mutual interests’, praising the Vatican’s role in supporting Iraq, and consolidating the culture of love, tolerance and harmony among nations. President Salih sent his regards to his Holiness Pope Francis; wishing him an abundance of health and prosperity, and extending an invitation to visit Iraq, and hold an interfaith dialogue conference in the historic city of Ur".

The statement went on to say: Ways to develop relations between the two friendly countries and broaden collaboration horizons were discussed in the meeting; along with the conditions of Christians in Iraq; to maintain their existence here to assist in building their country; and the importance of continuation of the international community’s support to Iraq in rebuilding the areas where Christians and other minorities live; who suffered the scourge of terrorism.

In turn; Cardinal Pietro Parolin delivered … “Pope Francis’s regards to his Excellency President Salih; reassuring the Vatican’s keenness to strengthen ties with Iraq on all issues; and praising the peaceful coexistence of Iraqis, regardless of their religions and believes”.

In a news conference he held after the meeting; Cardinal Pietro Parolin said that.. “His visit to Iraq comes as an embodiment of His Holiness Pope Francis’s support and sympathy with all Iraqi people; that he stands beside them, with his keenness to strengthen ties with Iraq in various fields”.