Mayoralty of Baghdad: produces fit drinkable water by us

Sunday 23rd December 2018 - 16:50

Mayoralty of Baghdad: produces fit drinkable water by us

 Baghdad, 23th, Dec. 2018

Mayoralty of Baghdad department, renewed emphasizing today Sunday 23 December, that the product water by them fit for human consumption and drinkable completely, and conform to the international standards and subject daily to examination and standardization to ensure its purity.

Relations Directorate informing in a statement for the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "product water projects and water service complexes Baghdad c who standards by adopting the latest technologies and methods in the filter and disinfect it, adding that: "brownish discharge that appeared during the last few days in the water releases occasioned by the Ministry of water resources in the basin of the Tigris River that carry large amounts of silt and clays led to high rate of water-brownish.

Baghdad water service specialist staffs perform daily laboratory tests (physical, chemical and bacteriological) filter and parks projects tanks and distribution terminals as well as subnets within residential neighborhoods and alleyways in coordination with the Ministry of health and the environment, to ensure Power water product and free of contaminants.

Translated by Nadia al-Mukhtar