Kidnapping uncovered after 12 years

Thursday 20th December 2018 - 13:22

Kidnapping uncovered after 12 years

INA- Salah Al-Deen

INA correspondent in Salah Al-Deen Governorate Flaih Ubaidi reported today that a kidnapping crime riddle happened 12 years ago was uncovered inside Salah Al-Deen Anti Crime Office.

Colonel Moshtaq Najm, Director of Salah Al-Deen Anti Crime Office, stated to INA correspondent that a kidnapping crime happened in 2006 when four criminals kidnapped a local citizen in Balad town and bargained him for seventy million Iraqi Dinar as ransom.

Najm showed that his office uncovered the crime by contacting the mobile phone massages after getting the legal approvals to contact the concerned communication company, adding that the four criminals were arrested according to a warrant issued by Balad Town investigation judge.