Abu Al Hail receives MP Arshad Salhi

Wednesday 19th December 2018 - 18:04

Abu Al Hail receives MP Arshad Salhi

 The head of the Iraqi media network Mujahid Abu al-Hill received In the Iraqi media network the head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front MP Arshad Salhi.

He pointed out at the beginning of the meeting to the evolution of the work of Turkmen and the opening of the new studio in Baghdad, as well as the Turkmen news agency in, with the newspaper "Al Sabah Kirkuk."The network has an integrated and diverse Turkmen speech, and the new programming cycle includes strengthening this trend, which comes within the national speech adopted by the network more than a year ago, and won the admiration and praise of all the spectrum of the Iraqi people.

For his part, praised the head of the Turkmen Front MP Arshad Salhi, the work of the Iraqi Media Network.He also pointed out that the Turkmen historically had a long-standing press since the seventeenth century, as well as the rich Turkmen literature.

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan