Salih stresses the need to complete the military victory with political victory

Monday 10th December 2018 - 17:01

Salih stresses the need to complete the military victory with political victory


The President of the Republic Dr. Barham Salih congratulated the Iraqi people and the members of the security forces of all types and formations on the occasion of the first anniversary of the victory over the gangs of the terrorist.

Salih stressed during his speech received by the Iraqi News Agency that victory will be achieved, and terrorism will be defeated once and for all courageously and boldly progress to achieve a lot in the face of corruption, the elimination of unemployment and improving services, and the return of displaced people to their cities and villages, and work internationally and regionally to reach To a safe, stable and conflict-free zone.


He also called on the President of the Republic to work diligently locally and regionally to create a positive political atmosphere that supports the attempts of real reform and serious preparation for post-liberation Iraq from terrorism

 The following is the text of the word:

Our people celebrate the tenth day of December with its great victory over the worst criminal aggression witnessed by history, liberating the cities and villages occupied by the terrorists, and wreak havoc, destruction and destruction.

We are pleased with this great and historic occasion to extend to our Iraqi people and to the members of our armed forces the heroes of the army, the federal police, the popular mobilization forces , the Peshmerga, the security and intelligence services, and the tribesmen for their congratulations and best regards .

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan