Al-Haddad: A significances development in the Iraqi media network

Sunday 09th December 2018 - 16:08

Al-Haddad: A significances development in the Iraqi media network

 Baghdad - INA

The Second Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi parliament  Bashir Al-Haddad praised the great progress made in the media network and its role in unifying the media identity.

The second deputy praised the significant progress achieved by the performance of the Iraqi media network and the role of its president in the opening of many of the Iraqi media network, Media institutions in Kurdish and Turkmen . He also stressed that the parliament will support the network financially, legally and administratively, as it contributed to building bridges of love between the various components of Iraqi society based on tolerance and acceptance of the other.

The Iraqi media network is now focusing on the same identity, and there is no red line on a figure like the former, he said. The doors of the network are open to all political blocs and politicians of all shades and religions.

The network has achieved remarkable successes in covering the parliamentary elections and made a free announcement through its channels to more than four thousand and 600 candidates, and the network covered the demonstrations that took place in Basra and provinces, impartially and professionally and won the admiration of the demonstrators

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan