Iraqi Palm Shield to the Qatari media delegation

Friday 07th December 2018 - 14:55

Iraqi Palm Shield to the Qatari media delegation

 Baghdad - INA

The head of the Iraqi media network, Mujahid Abu Al-Hail honored the Qatari media delegation at the Iraqi Palm Shield at the end of his visit to Iraq in implementation of the memorandum of understanding between the network and the Qatari media institutions.

Abdul Samad Nasser the head of the delegation (representing the Al Jazeera Sports Network and Al Jazeera Media Institute), said that the delegation visited the Iraqi media network. He also reviewed the media services provided by the network and followed the professional formats in broadcasting news and reports, in addition to creating special channels in Kurdish and Turkmen languages He expressed his admiration for the media technical and engineering competencies and expertise that the network possesses which qualifies it to attract a wide audience of recipients.

He added that the media network has rich gardens and large spaces with modern buildings and a beautiful view of what can be invested for the work of multiple news programs and dramas.Nasser praised the efforts of "he head of the network and its management in unifying the national media discourse, as well as efforts to develop the Iraqi sports channel.

It is noteworthy that the delegation of the Qatari media organizations visited the Iraqi media network  and discussed with the head of the network ways of joint cooperation for media exchange between the two parties.

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan