The Parliament announces its full support to the Iraqi Media Network

Wednesday 05th December 2018 - 20:28

The  Parliament announces its full support to the Iraqi Media Network

 Baghdad - INA

The House of Representatives has fully supported the Iraqi Media Network working together to meet challenges and develop joint action.This came during the reception of the Advisory Group in the House of Representatives, to the head of the Iraqi media network Mujahid Abu al-Hill and the delegation accompanying him.

During the meeting, which was held at the Constitutional Hall in the House of Representatives in the presence of Mohammed Abu Bakr, Director General of the Information Department, the steps to access a joint mechanism to work between the legislative institution and the Iraqi media network constitutionally linked to the Council.


The meeting focused on the challenges faced by the Iraqi media in general, the official media in particular, the development of mechanisms to develop performance, and to face campaigns of distortion aimed at the state and its institutions.The meeting discussed the necessity of developing the Memorandum of Understanding between the Information Department in the House of Representatives and the Iraqi Media Network, as well as the need to expand the activities of the Council through the visual, read and audio-visual media.

The Advisory Group confirmed the support of the House of Representatives for the Iraqi Media Network and continued coordination to develop a vision related to amending the law of the Iraqi media network.

Translated by Harith.A.Hasan