Plans to rehabilitate the petrochemical plant production lines in Basra

  • 16-03-2021, 16:06
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    Basra - INA

    The Director General of the Petrochemical Factory in Basra Governorate, Aqeel Abdul Zahra, revealed that plans were being prepared to rehabilitate the factory’s production lines, while noting that the plant has cooperation with a number of state institutions.
    Abdul Zahra told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that there is a directive by the engineering and technical cadres working in the petrochemical plant of the General Company for Petrochemical Industries in Basra to operate the stalled section of the factory, on the first of next April, through a plan prepared for that and in a quick and specific time. .
    He added that the suspended section includes the ethylene production unit, which in turn produces granules, indicating that the plan prepared for this section, which is currently witnessing a disruption in work, includes maintaining the ethylene production unit in order to return it to work.
    Abdul Zahra pointed out that the rest of the factory's departments work with a high mechanism and with very high quality production, and all units and sections are still working without any delay or interruptions, stressing that the sections that are still working very well and have high-quality production are the nitrogen production section, and the hypo section for processing And water filtering, that is, a water handling unit, and an electric power generation unit.
    On the nature of the factory’s work, Abdul Zahra said that the factory’s work is focused on producing nitrogen on an ongoing basis, as well as the production of liquid ethylene that is important for the production of granules, in addition to the production of electrical energy that has a great benefit for Basra Governorate, adding: One of the factory’s departments also produces hypo / chlorine. It is the sterile substance that works to eliminate the Corona virus in a clear way.
    He continued, that there is great and continuous dealings and cooperation with a number of departments and companies, including the national grid electricity, where the factory, specifically in the Electricity Generation Division, sells and exports electricity to the national grid, that is, to the Basra Electricity Directorate / Southern Electricity Distribution Directorate, where it has been exported recently ( 36 mW).