The first response from North Korea to the Biden administration

  • 16-03-2021, 15:40
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    Follow-up -INA

    North Korea announced its first response to US President Joe Biden's communication with it.
    North Korea confirmed, today, in its first response to the new US administration led by Biden, that the United States must avoid causing problems if it wants peace, according to Reuters.
    And the North Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Leader Kim Jong Un as saying,
    Since Kim Yoo Jong appeared on the political scene has taken strict positions on some foreign issues, foremost among which is dealing with the United States and South Korea.
    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are due to meet with their counterparts in Japan and South Korea later this week to discuss a range of important topics, including North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
    Last week, Assistant Secretary of State for Asia and the Pacific at the State Department, Sung Kim, said that Washington would complete a review of its policy on North Korea in the coming weeks.
    Source: Sputnik