Wasit: fish production in the governorate amounts to 13 thousand tons annually

  • 12-03-2021, 18:38
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    The Directorate of Agriculture in Wasit Governorate announced today, Friday, that the production of fish in the governorate has reached (13) thousand tons annually.
    The deputy director of fisheries in the Wasit Agriculture Directorate, Adnan Hussein, said in a special statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "fish production in the governorate has reached (13) thousand tons annually, and that Wasit governorate owns (198) clay fish ponds and (63) A basin of floating cages, as well as three closed fish breeding projects, in addition to the water bodies of the Tigris River and the Delmaj lagoon.
    He added that "the governorate has achieved self-sufficiency and that it exports fish of all kinds to the Iraqi governorates," noting that "Wasit province is ranked first among the provinces in fish production and is distinguished by the presence of different types of fish, including the Caribbean, carp and brown."