An Iraqi delegation visits King Abdulaziz Port to monitor the condition of the sunken ship's crew

  • 11-03-2021, 16:31
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that an Iraqi delegation visited King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam to monitor the condition of the sunken ship's crew.
    "A delegation from the Iraqi embassy in Riyadh visited King Abdul Aziz port in Dammam, where the crew of the Iraqi ship suffered malfunctions that led to its sinking in international waters," ministry spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahhaf said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency.
    He added, "The delegation checked on the health of the crew members and the completion of their consular procedures to bring them back to the homeland."
    It is noteworthy that an Iraqi ship named (Dilma) was sunk near the Saudi coast, while Saudi rescue teams managed to rescue the crew.