PM’s advisor: The taxes on salaries are temporary

  • 2-02-2021, 09:20
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    Baghdad - INA


     The economic advisor to the prime minister, Mudhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed today, Tuesday, that imposing taxes on salaries is a temporary measure.


     Salih told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "administrative decisions cannot basically disrupt the application of the income tax law in effect on taxpayers in general and government taxpayers in particular, and whatever the reasons, even if the income stops or falls to critical limits, then the tax rate is then either zero percent or  (A negative tax), which means paying benefits to taxpayers such as social care, emergency grants, and others. "

     Salih also pointed out that "the tax law does not suspend except by a law, and that disrupting some paragraphs of the laws in force through the annual budget law is an exceptional work and comes to temporarily strengthen the public budget resources during the fiscal year and the exception ends with the end of the fiscal year itself, in order to avoid an annual financial deficit that may compromise fiscal discipline."