Tueller: Our next task in Iraq is to reduce the military presence

  • 10-12-2020, 13:48
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    Baghdad - INA

    The US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller, confirmed today, Thursday, that the next stage for the United States in Iraq is to reduce its military presence.

    A statement by the US Embassy in Baghdad received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) stated: “Today, the 10th of December, marks the third anniversary of the defeat of ISIS. This day is also a reminder of the need to remain vigilant to ensure that the defeat of ISIS is a permanent defeat, and that it will not return once again to threaten humanity. "

    He added, "Today we offer our prayers to those who fell while struggling to liberate Iraq from the grip of ISIS. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten. We also remember those who lost their friends, family members and homes. Despite all these huge sacrifices, we look forward with hope to the future."

    We congratulate the Iraqi security forces, which, together with the United States and its other partners in the coalition, have made exceptional progress in reducing the capabilities of ISIS, thus ensuring continued pressure on ISIS to ensure its permanent defeat while providing an opportunity for stability and prosperity in the liberated areas.

    "We are moving to the next phase of our mission in Iraq, where the United States is reducing its military presence while the Iraqi security forces are increasingly taking the lead in the fight against ISIS remnants," he noted.